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About Us

Edwin and Julie and their children Cody, Caitlyn and Carter work together to run their homestead.
They purchased their one acre property in 2012 and have worked over the last 8 year to create the small sustainable homestead they desired. They now run a seasonal guest cabin, host events for the community, day camps for children and more! Their goal is to grow and raise as much of their own food  as possible and sell quality meat and produce to the community. They also desire to raise heritage breed animals and have a small part of preserving these special breeds. They have been able to add different heritage breed chickens for meat and eggs, Jacob Sheep for wool,Nigerian Dwarf Goats for milk,and Idaho Pasture Pigs for pastured pork to their homestead over the past few years. Also on the homestead you will find quarter horses, a miniature pony, and ducks. As a family their desire is to share their journey and educate and inspire others to take the next step in creating the homestead or small farm of their dreams!

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